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Harbury Parish Council

Bins Collection Rota

July/August 2020

Area: Deppers Bridge Harbury, Ladbroke and Outlying
Collection Day and Type Wed Fri
Green and Blue Lid Bins 8 July 10 July
Grey Bins 15 July 17 July
Green and Blue Lid Bins 22 july 24 July
Grey Bins 29 July 31 July
Green and Blue Lid Bins 5 August 7 August
Grey Bins 12 August 14 August
Green and Blue Lid Bins 19 August 21 August

Types of Bin

  • Blue Lid Bin - Plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, tins, cartons and glass.
  • Green Bin - Grass cuttings, plants, weeds and small branches.
  • Grey Bin - Kitchen waste, soft plastics and wrappers.

Refuse Arrangements

From August 2015 there will be changes to the collection days in Harbury and some of Deppers Bridge. Ladbroke’s collection will remain the same unless the property is collected with a smaller vehicle. Properties that will be affected by the changes will be notified by letter before 17 July 2015.