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Harbury Parish Council

Policies and Documents

Parish Councils have powers to represent and support their local communities. They protect local environments and provide local services and facilities. Many of the decisions involve public money so it is essential that the council's business is conducted in a correct and transparent manner.

In order to achieve transparency, confidence and legal decision-making, there are rules for conducting business, established in law and good practice, namely 'Procedures' which:

  • Help the council to act in a legal and consistent manner;
  • Protect the council from making unlawful decisions;
  • Support good chairmanship;
  • Guide councillors.

Procedures and Related Documents

Documents above are pdf files unless otherwise stated.

Parish Plan Update - 2012

In 2011 the Parish Council agreed to undertake a Parish Plan Update Survey in order to get residents' feedback on a number of important issues. In particular, the objective was to receive residents' views on current facilities and services in Harbury, and to ensure the requirements of the village as a whole are identified.

The Parish Plan Review Group developed the questionnaire, with Stratford District Council designing the final version. Residents living in Harbury and Deppers Bridge were invited to complete an online questionnaire; paper copies were also made available at Harbury Library, Harbury Post Office and the Parish Office.

262 questionnaires were completed by villagers between March 4th and May 31st 2011. This was not as many as those who completed the original Parish Plan survey in 2005, and represents about 25% of households in the parish. We know that the views of older retired people are over-represented in the results we have, while the views of younger people (children and adults with school-age children) are under-represented. We have taken this into account when analysing the results.